As an English-speaking, multilingual school, AIM offers students full immersion in the English language. Students learn to confidently read, write, and speak in English, the language of global business and international Higher Education.


Learning by doing, through interdisciplinary projects where learning is a sequence of significant experiences and activities.


Activities are organised in Learning Stations: resources are arranged in spaces and environments designed explicitly. Hence, children learn using all their senses and develop the ability to connect with their feelings and emotions.


AIM's ENJOY Model was launched in 2020 in response to the evolving needs of our pre-school students aged 2 to 6 years. The model seeks to support our comprehensive approach to pre-school education and incorporates the three pillars of education in Inspired schools. Academics, sports, and creative & performing arts feature in the pre-school curriculum to support the academic and social-emotional development of our students.


Our goal is to support little citizens of the world so that they remain happy, confident children who live in peace and can express themselves through more than one language. We wish to help develop young individuals so that they recognise their potential as creative, valuable people who are capable of building a better world.


The Reggio Emilia approach seeks to develop children's potential by creating favourable conditions and environments that encourage students' interest in learning. At AIM, the social-emotional development of our children is of great importance. All children, regardless of age, can positively contribute to society in a meaningful manner when they can explore and learn in a safe environment and feel validated by the adults and peers around them.


Our new educational program includes 7 Stations for a balanced development of our students:
Station 1: Language Works - Language comprehension and expression (verbal and non-verbal) “The Writer’s Workshop”
Station 2: Math Counts - Logical-mathematical relations. “Everything counts” Workshop
Station 3: Science Rocks - Discovery of the natural world. “Little Explorers” investigative workshop.
Station 4: Caring Matters - Social Emotional Development: interaction, identity and autonomy
Station 5: Art Smart - Artistic Expression. Atelier: create and recreate (painting, drama, music, singing)
Station 6: Towards a Better World - Small builders of a better world
Station 7: Well Aware - Healthy living: hygiene, health, exercise, eating, daily life.