We understand that each student is unique and talented in their own way.

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Students are helped to become self-directed learners.


i-PAL focuses on what students learn, rather than what we teach.

Filosofía i-PAL

i-PAL provides the platform by which our students learn by doing so that they feel able to “Serve with Excellence”.

Core Principles:

A Child-Centred Approach to Education

Teachers and parents develop and support an educational path that reflects the individuality of each student and supports their strengths, needs, interests and aspirations.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Through i-PAL, students develop the motivation to initiate their learning while striving to achieve challenging learning goals.


Students are provided with opportunities for independent and collaborative learning in which they can interact, ask critical questions, problem solve, and learn how to make collective decisions.

Differentiating Instruction

The principles of responsive teaching encourage children to learn through active participation. Personalised education reflects the understanding that children learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.

Social-Emotional Development

AIM acknowledges the distinct stages of child development in the divisional organisation of the school. Exploratory, Development, and Middle School and High School students are provided with developmentally appropriate instruction and learning opportunities.

Flexible and Varied Teaching

Through the implementation of i-PAL, we emphasise common learning outcomes, but allow learners to exercise autonomy and explore diverse ways of reaching the outcomes. The focus of the model is on effective learning, and we understand there are a number of ways learning goals can be reached.

Learning Outcomes

Our i-PAL curriculum is centred around learning outcomes and the skills students must demonstrate by the end of the year. We also establish benchmarks throughout the academic year, so we can provide feedback to students and their families regarding progress.

About Using Technology to Achieve 21st Century Skills

i-PAL incorporates technology in all areas of student learning. In the i-PAL programme, technology is used to explore other communities and cultures to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of multiculturalism.

About Serving the Community

i-PAL leads to the understanding that life is about contributing to the world to make it a better place for everyone.

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Awareness and understanding of multiculturalism are embedded in our educational programmes. Our students learn of the different issues that are present in world and learning to respect and celebrate the rich diversity of people, places, and customs in Mexico and around the world. Learners also gain insight into the history and properties of planet Earth, its natural resources and varied environments while also developing their understanding of global citizenship and enhancing their literacy skills.

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The academic programme at AIM is a key element of the holistic education we offer; rather, our academic provision ensures that our students attain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Designed as a spiral curriculum, students have the opportunity to revisit key concepts and skills, while at the same time pursuing a deeper and more complex skill set.

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We are committed to providing each athlete with an enjoyable learning experience in individual and team sports. AIM students participate in sports for enjoyment while competing with others. Although an element of competitiveness is important, the greatest reward is attained through competing with honour. We encourage students to practice good sportsmanship and the act of being humble, both in victory and in defeat. An abundance of life lessons is learned on AIM’s courts and fields.

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Our Technology Curriculum equips students for their current and future digital lives. The technology course content develops students’ ability to use digital tools wisely and effectively as they employ higher order thinking skills to implement solutions when faced with challenges. These skills encourage critical examination and an understanding of the ethical and social issues related to global awareness in the use of information and communications technology.

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The general goals of the Wellness Department are to strengthen the character of AIM students by developing their values and social and emotional skills, as well as ensuring they adequately care for their physical health. As a result, they become conscientious and capable of making responsible and constructive decisions to promote their own wellbeing, and that of the community.

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Fine Arts

Each area of the Fine Arts Programme: music, visual arts, dance, and drama, maximizes our students’ artistic potential by developing their talents through different forms of artistic expression. Our comprehensive and well-structured Fine Arts education programme engages students in a process that helps them develop self-discipline, group work, and the motivation necessary to build their self-esteem and achieve success in other areas of their lives.