High School Education in Monterrey

Grades 9 to 12, Campuses in San Pedro & Santa Catarina

Our High School teachers have advanced degrees and years of experience in their respective fields. They offer a rich blend of subject knowledge and real-world insights that enhance students' learning outcomes. Our specialist teachers know each student individually and cater to their strengths and areas of improvement. They provide personalized guidance, helping students navigate their final school years, as well as their college applications.


Why Choose Our High School in Monterrey?

With a long history of success, our High School in Monterrey has prepared generations of learners to achieve excellence in university and various competitive career fields in Mexico and around the world. Choosing AIM's High School ensures a strong foundation for your child's future success.

Our innovative APS model takes education beyond textbooks, ensuring students apply their skills and knowledge to real-life situations through practical projects based on our unique academies (Technology & Engineering, Business & Management, Arts & Humanities, and Laboratory & Research). As a result, they learn how to address complex challenges and develop creative solutions for real-world problems – skills that will serve them well in college and their careers.

Exemplary Results in Academics

AIM's exceptional Career Life Education program fully supports students on their path to higher education, guiding them to understand what options best fit their profile and aspirations, and receive bespoke support throughout the application process. As a result of this excellent preparation, they progress to the best universities in Mexico, such as Tec de Monterrey, UdeM, UNAM, UANL, and globally to pursue their greatest ambitions. These include top U.S. colleges, from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, NYU, to the best art schools like Columbia College of Music or Pratt Institute, and leading universities in Europe, such as Trinity College Dublin, IE or ESADE in Spain, and other top institutions in Germany, France, the Netherlands and more.

Cultivating Talents Beyond the Classroom

At AIM's High School in Santa Catarina, Monterrey students engage in a vibrant school life. From sports to arts and a wide range of co-curricular activities and programs, students have ample opportunities to cultivate their talents and interests. Our sports teams often reach final positions in both basketball and soccer tournaments with other schools in Mexico. In track and field events, our senior athletes achieve gold, silver, and bronze medals.

High School Curriculum

In our High School in Monterrey, in addition to a wide range of subjects for a well-rounded knowledge base, students gain valuable experiences in the four APS Academies and uncover their areas of interest for college when taking the different and varied learning modules. Our elective courses, ranging from SAT preparation to language certifications and politics, further enrich their educational experience. High School learners develop critical thinking skills and benefit from a comprehensive University & Career preparation program, being fully supported to thrive in their future challenges.

In Grades 9 and 10, pupils study a broad curriculum in each of the four Academy areas: Technology & Engineering, covering modules like System Analysis, Computational Thinking, Design Technologies, and different Engineering fields; Business & Management, spanning the fields of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance or even Cryptocurrency; Arts & Humanities, focusing on artistic fields and expression, history and society; and Laboratory & Research, which covers Scientific and Data Analysis, Research, Ethical Leadership, and other modules.

They also develop collaborative authentic products and services for a more in-depth study.

From 10th Grade onwards, high school students start their college preparation via the Career Life Education course. Designed to complement students' interests, they have the opportunity to choose regular, Honors, or AP-level courses on various subjects depending on their university course options. AIM's Careers Counselling faculty have a wealth of experience in this field and will also offer guidance and advice regarding the application process.

In 11th Grade, students form transdisciplinary teams with their peers to specialize in different areas. They work on a yearly APS project of their choice under the guidance of their Teacher Advisors and Academy Specialists, who seek to sharpen students' professional skills. Using the experience gained at this grade level, students will then design their 12th-grade APS Capstone Project, which will reflect all they have learned in their education at AIM Preparatory School.

Elective courses offered at AIM Preparatory School in Santa Catarina, Monterrey are varied and include preparation for the SAT, official certification in French and German, world politics, and student government. A position on the yearbook committee is also available as an elective course. In addition to the other courses mentioned, Electives provide students with valuable leadership, teamwork, time management, and effective communication skills.

High School Subjects

In the years of High School, pupils will study a broad range of subjects within the Mexican and/or American Diploma to provide them with a comprehensive education that will offer a robust foundation for college and any future careers in Mexico or abroad. Spanning different Math, Science, Social Sciences, Languages and Humanities, Wellness, and Fine Arts subjects, alongside an array of Elective courses, Entrepreneurship, the University & Careers program, and our APS academies, students will develop an impressive knowledge base as well as valuable skills, from research to effective communication, creativity, critical thinking, and resilience.

AIM High School Qualifications

High School students can choose from graduating with the Mexican Bachillerato General diploma only, or with a dual Mexican and U.S. High School Diploma, as our curriculum is accredited internationally by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges.

Offering our high school students the possibility to graduate with either the Mexican or the U.S. diploma provides flexibility and choice, allowing them to align their studies with their future aspirations and career paths.

For students planning to pursue higher education in Mexico, the Mexican diploma ensures compliance with local requirements and facilitates access to universities and institutions within the country. On the other hand, the U.S. diploma opens doors to international opportunities, including admission to the best universities in the United States and other countries, as well as recognition of academic achievements on a global scale.

High School Assessment

Each subject is offered on a semester basis, and students will be evaluated for coursework and work habits in each one.
Some subjects are assessed with a number scale (from 1 to 100), whereas others have a letter grading system:

U = Unsatisfactory
NI= Needs Improvement
G = Good
VG= Very Good
E= Excellent

There are no official external exams at the end of High School, but students can receive preparation to take the SATs as an elective course if their preferred university course requires this as an entry requirement.

At AIM, students take MAP® Growth tests from NWEA® until 12th grade. This is a standardized test to map individual growth, providing students, teachers, and parents with valuable information about individual performance in comparison to a global standard. These tests cover Mathematics, Language Usage, Reading, and General Sciences and are adaptable, changing the specific difficulty level depending on correct or incorrect answers - i.e., becoming more difficult with each correct answer. These tests help to pinpoint each student's weaker areas where they need to work more, and stronger areas where they require more challenge to progress further.

Languages in Our High School

As students transition to AIM's High School in Santa Catarina, language tuition remains a key element of our educational approach. Our language curriculum takes an even more immersive and comprehensive approach to the English and Spanish languages at this stage, and students can obtain certifications in French or German. This option not only solidifies their language proficiency but also equips them with tangible qualifications that can open doors to various academic and professional opportunities.

Students actively engage with international themes and activities during events like International Week and various cultural celebrations. These experiences, combined with our rigorous language curriculum, equip students with the tools to excel as effective communicators, critical thinkers, and culturally-aware individuals.

High School Facilities

AIM's High School in Monterrey is enveloped by a stunning mountain backdrop, offering an inspiring environment for academic growth. Our modern facilities seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings, creating an optimal learning atmosphere for our students to thrive in academics, technology, sports, and the arts.

Modern Classrooms & State-of-the-Art Labs

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, high school classrooms facilitate dynamic learning experiences, encouraging active student participation through engaging and collaborative lessons. In addition, High School students benefit from well-equipped science and technology (robotics) labs that empower them to engage in experiments, research, and innovation.

Fine Arts Center

For artistic expression and creativity, our Fine Arts studios offer ample space for students to develop skills in visual arts, drama, dance, or music. The integration of technology extends to our Fine Arts spaces, enabling students to explore digital creativity and multimedia studies.

Outdoor Learning & Exceptional Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities on the Huasteca Campus are extensive, enabling learners to practice physical activities and cultivate their skills in different sports. Facilities include soccer fields, basketball courts, and a 100m running track for track and field.

Moreover, expansive outdoor spaces offer your child opportunities for relaxation and outdoor learning, promoting well-being alongside a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Specialist High School Teachers

Our High School teachers have advanced degrees and years of experience in their respective fields. They offer a rich blend of subject knowledge and real-world insights that enhance students' learning outcomes. Our specialist teachers know each student individually and cater to their strengths and areas of improvement. They provide personalized guidance, helping students navigate their final school years, as well as their college applications.

High School House System

Students at AIM Huasteca Campus are allocated into four Houses, each named after renowned personalities - Picasso, Tesla, Einstein, and Carnegie. The House system is an integral part of the High School experience, creating a sense of identity, community, and belonging. Houses activities encourage collaboration and teamwork with a healthy competitive spirit and provide students with different opportunities to develop talents and abilities, ultimately creating a dynamic educational environment where they can learn and thrive.

The Student Government Body develops from within the four Houses, empowering learners to actively contribute to the school community.

Extracurricular Activities at High School


AIM's High School in Monterrey offers a diverse range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that cater to students' varied interests and enrich their learning experience. Whether they prefer arts, sports, or academic endeavors, our exceptional programs provide a holistic platform for students to explore and develop new passions and skills outside the classroom, fostering their well-rounded development.

Artistic students at High School of Monterrey

Fine Arts Program

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Monterrey High Schools sports programs


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Clubs & Programs

Our holistic High School education extends beyond academics to a wide range of activities and co-curricular clubs and programs that enrich our students' education and learning experience. From House competitions to Community Service, Model United Nations, Leadership training, International Week, and the student council, our students have a wide range of options to choose from.

Moreover, our outstanding International Program (previously Global APS) offers high school students the opportunity to go on educational and cultural trips, study abroad in another school, and enjoy exclusive Summer Programs. These experiences support their educational growth and broaden their horizons, helping them identify areas that might form the basis of their university course selections.

  • Community Service
  • Electives
  • Model United Nations
  • Leadership Conference
  • International Week
  • Student Council
  • International Program - Week Without Walls, Summer Programs & Study Abroad

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