Middle School Education in Monterrey

Grades 6 to 8, Campuses in San Pedro & Santa Catarina

AIM's Middle School in Monterrey is proud of its heritage of over 50 years of exceptional education in Mexico. Supported by specialist teachers, Middle School students benefit from an in-depth learning journey, delving into a dynamic and challenging curriculum that encourages academic achievement and prepares them for the demands of High School and beyond. Our approach focuses on academic excellence, sports, fine arts, technology, well-being and multiculturalism.

Middle School pupils develop critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation and collaboration skills as they explore diverse subjects at our four academies. Each academy covers key areas of knowledge and incorporates hands-on projects, providing a practical learning experience and preparation to accomplish ambitious academic and personal goals in the future.

Best Middle School Education in Monterrey

Why Choose Our Middle School in Monterrey, Mexico?

Choosing AIM's Middle School in Monterrey means investing in a holistic education that equips students with the academic knowledge, skills, values and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Guided by committed teachers, Middle School pupils explore a wide range of subjects, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and apply their learning through real-world projects. With language immersion in English and Spanish, they gain adaptability skills, cross-cultural understanding, and a international perspective, setting them up for success in a globalized world.

Our students' development is further enhanced through extracurricular activities, clubs and international programs in academics, sports, arts, technology and culture.

With our Middle School education, your child will be prepared to achieve excellence at High School and beyond.

Middle School Curriculum

In addition to continuing to follow the i-PAL Systems approach, our Middle School students in Monterrey are introduced to AIM's APS educational model (Authentic Products & Services) from Grade 6.

APS Model

The APS approach features grade-specific courses across the four academies that define our Middle School curriculum - Engineering & Technology, Laboratory & Research, Business & Management, and Arts & Humanities.


Technology integration becomes even more important in Middle School, when students gain access to the latest educational technologies and interactive learning tools. This allows them to further develop their digital literacy while applying their unique abilities across multiple projects.

Curriculum at the Middle School of San Pedro Garza Garcia

Middle School Subjects

Students in our Middle School in Monterrey take the following core subjects, with academies starting only in Grade 7:

Spanish, Math, English, Science, Social Sciences, Technology Science, 3rd Language (French or German), Physical Education, Academies (Business and Management, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Laboratory and Research).

Additionally, students can choose from the following:

  • Public Speaking
  • Fine Arts (Arts, Music, Drama)
  • Fine Arts Academy
  • Sports Program (Basketball, Soccer, Track & Field)
  • Elective Courses
Monterrey English Middle School

Languages in Our Middle School

At AIM's Middle School in Monterrey, in addition to English and Spanish, students choose a third language to study - French or German.

Our curriculum is progressive, evolving with the students themselves, deepening their understanding of complex language structures and advanced vocabulary in English and Spanish while introducing students to their third language. This expanded language exposure refines their communication and critical thinking skills, and students apply their knowledge in practical contexts such as school presentations.

In addition, through literature studies of the three languages in their program, Middle School students not only enhance their reading and writing skills but also gain a richer understanding of global culture, history, and society.


Best Middle School Campus in Monterrey

Middle School Facilities

Our Middle School facilities in our AIM Valle and Huasteca Campuses in Monterrey are truly exceptional and purpose-built to enhance our students' academic excellence, creativity, and sports performance.

Students have access to fully equipped classrooms and dedicated science and technology labs in both San Pedro Garza García and Santa Catarina schools, where they can work on hands-on experiments, coding projects, and scientific investigations. Skills in music, visual arts, drama, and dance can be developed in our specialized studios, improving their creativity, performance skills, and communication.

Sports play a vital role in our school culture, from Physical Education to extracurricular individual and team sports activities. Our modern facilities include a gymnasium, basketball courts, soccer fields, and a running track, allowing all students to discover new interests, develop a healthy lifestyle, and improve their skills.


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Teachers at Middle School Education Monterrey

Middle School Teachers

Teachers in our Middle School in Monterrey are experienced and highly qualified, bringing their unique expertise to enrich classroom discussions and activities, which are always informative and engaging. Our passionate educators are committed to developing pupils' critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills alongside academic excellence with a child-centered approach to teaching and learning. Values such as resilience, empathy, and responsible citizenship are transmitted within each lesson.

Middle School Assessment

Students are evaluated in each subject termly, for coursework and work habits. Some subjects are assessed with a number scale (from 1 to 100), whereas others have a letter grading system:

U = Unsatisfactory
NI = Needs Improvement
G = Good
VG = Very Good
E = Excellent

Assessing Middle School Students' Performance

Middle School learners are also assessed with MAP® Growth standardized tests from NWEA®, mapping their performance in different areas in comparison to a global standard, including Mathematics, Language Usage, Reading, and General Sciences. The test is adaptable, changing difficulty level depending on your child's performance as they answer each question - i.e., becoming more challenging the more correct answers your child gets. These tests offer insights into each student's weaker areas, where they need to work more, and stronger areas, where they need to be even more challenged to reach their full potential.

Middle School Enrichment Activities & Programs

AIM's Middle School activities and programs expand our well-rounded education and are an integral element of our school life, offering students opportunities for personal exploration, skill development, and character growth, contributing to enhancing academic excellence. From exciting sports and fine arts extracurricular activities to co-curricular opportunities, clubs, and programs, our students have a wealth of options to get involved with and unlock their unique potential.

San Pedro Garza Garcia Middle School Activities

Extracurricular Activities

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Monterrey Middle School Educational Programs

Co-Curricular Clubs & Programs

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Additional Enrichment Activities Include:

  • House System
  • Community Service from Grade 7
  • Electives
  • Model United Nations
  • Mathcounts
  • Robotics
  • International Week
  • Student Council
  • Techxperts
  • International Program - Week Without Walls, Summer Programs & Study Abroad

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