3 Campuses, 1 School

Located in the dynamic and exclusive municipality of San Pedro, the AIM Valle Oriente Campus is easily accessible to the city centre and its vertical development of housing and office spaces, both of which have transformed the neighbourhood into a trendy area. The vibrant San Pedro campus welcomes children in Pre-school (Age 3) to Grade 9.

The AIM, San Pedro, is located in an urban residential setting with an impressive backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains. This campus offers excellent international education to children in Pre-school (Age 2) up to Grade 5.

With spectacular views of the Huasteca Park mountains, our AIM Preparatory School at Santa Catarina has modern facilities and offers innovative and exciting lessons to children in Grade 6 to Grade 12 (Middle & High School)

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One of the most important decisions a parent will make is choosing the school where their children will attain the educational foundation and moral character needed to be successful and fulfilled in subsequent stages of life.

IM is committed to working with parents to develop their children's potential as globally-minded individuals through balanced, high-quality educational programmes. Dedicated teachers and staff at our school cultivate a safe and caring environment in which our students become happy, confident, and inter-connected lifelong learners capable of achieving their dreams through hard work, perseverance and resilience. Community spirit and inclusion are essential to us as an extension of home for our students and parents.

We warmly welcome you to join our AIM family and look forward to introducing you and your child to an enjoyable, modern, and comprehensive learning experience.


Servir con Excelencia

Our motto for a fulfilling and happy life. Through continuous effort and moving forward in our progress, we strive to give our best in all we do.


Mission Statement

To develop a global community of lifelong learners who choose AIM for excellence and strive to work towards a better world.

As students, teachers, staff members and parents, we are all learners, students, teachers, staff, parents and citizens of the world, valuing and interacting with all ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs. The purpose of education and life is to improve the world around us.



To equip our students with a holistic, relevant education that has been specially designed with modern research to support their evolving needs, meet learning requirements, and fulfil parental ideals in a globally-competitive modern world.

The AIM has become a successful institution by aiming for excellence, a continuous endeavour since the school was founded in 1968.

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We like AIM's educational model very much. Our children will have the confidence to make their own decisions, and the best thing is that they are constantly developing new skills.

We are very happy with our decision to enrol our daughter at AIM. She returns from school happy, and we have noticed progress in her academic achievements and a higher level of maturity in her overall outlook. We are grateful for the school.

My son loves going to school at the AIM. I believe the educational level at AIM is excellent. Teachers and staff treat us with kindness.

— Testimonials: Parents' Survey, 21-22

Innovating Education:


iPAL Systems

is our trademark educational philosophy. It is implemented in Pre-school to High School across all 3 of our campuses: AIM Valle Oriente, AIM San Pedro and AIM Preparatory School.

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was designed by AIM and launched in 2020. This early years education model caters to our Pre-schoolers (ages 2 to 6). The comprehensive ENJOY model is taught at our AIM Valle Oriente and AIM San Pedro Campuses and incorporates best practices found in the Montessori and Emilio Reggia models.

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APS Model

focuses on developing 21st-century skills in our students in Grades 6 to 9 at AIM Valle Oriente Campus and from Grade 6 to 12 at AIM Preparatory School.

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