Educational Support

The educational support department assists our students with specific needs by designing differentiated programmes for those who require additional instructional help to reach their potential. In addition, our in-house department works with gifted students and provides challenging activities to expand their academic development.


Mentoring Programme

At AIM, our mentoring programme promotes the development of healthy and successful students through the formation of a structured, trusting, consistent and purposeful relationship between the student and their mentor. Three areas are covered as part of our mentoring programme:



The APS House System seeks to provide an environment which actively promotes socio-emotional development, fellowship, healthy competition, and active participation in school life.


EAL/SAL Programmes

Our English and Spanish as Additional Language programmes are offered to international students attending our Valle Oriente and APS Campuses. The overarching goal of the programme is for students who require additional support to receive specialised teaching assistance so that they can join our regular programme of study once the foundations of the English language have been achieved. Once students have completed the EAL course, they may then proceed with the SAL programme if necessary.


Care and Learn

Designed specifically for students who may be staying after school to wait for a sibling, the Care and Learn programme provides a safe place for our students to continue developing their skills in a fun and leisurely manner.


Medical Services

AIM aims to ensure that all students are properly cared for should they feel ill or experience an accident while at school. We employ full-time nurses in each of our campuses. Additionally, highly-experienced nannies are on hand to support Exploratory students in their day-to-day activities.


Ambulance Services

Should an accident require on-site medical attention or direct transport to the hospital, our students and staff have access to medical support from the medical service company EMME Emergencias Médicas who respond with immediate effect. The entire school community will have full use of this service as any point during their time on any of our three campuses during school hours, or after-school activities.


Accident Insurance

The school has a contract with an accident insurance policy which covers minor accidents that may occur within the facilities, or at events organised by the school. All AIM students must have coverage with an accident insurance policy and may use our contracted supplier. If a family does not wish to purchase the school policy, they must present proof of their children’s coverage which may be present as part of a family medical insurance plan.




Each of our campuses is protected by a 24/7 professional security guard service. As a precautionary measure, all visitors to our campuses, including current or prospective family members and those who have a pre-arranged appointment, must formally check-in with the school Reception before entering the school premises.


Fire and Lockdown Drills

We take all precautions necessary to prepare our students for emergencies by practicing fire and lockdown drills. The fire drills are intended to ensure everyone is familiar with leaving the school building as fast and as safely as possible, while the lockdown drills have the objective of “closing down” the school, so that everyone is locked in and away from sight in the rare possibility that an intruder should enter the building.


Student Dismissal

To ensure that students are released to their parents or an authorised person, AIM has developed an electronic system whereby the pictures, names and relationships of parents and authorised persons may be accessed through iPads during student pick-up. By employ this security measure, parents and the school are assured that students are delivered only to authorised guardians.



Students in the Exploratory (Pre-school) and Development stages (Grade 1 to 5), may wear specially designed AIM uniforms each day. The official uniform includes a white polo shirt with the AIM logo, green trousers, jacket and/or hoodie, white socks and tennis shoes which can be white, black, green or any combination of these colours. This uniform, and/or optional items, may be worn daily if preferred. However, the official uniform is required when representing AIM at special events or activities.

Students in Middle School (Grade 6 - Grade 8) are required to wear special shirts and hoodies. Students in High School must adhere to the AIM dress code.



The main objective of our cafeteria service is to offer our students and the rest of the AIM community, nutritional, well-balanced balanced meals and snacks to safeguard their physical well-being. Our menus are developed and supervised by a Nutrition Specialist. In addition, the food on the school menu is delicious!


Bus Transportation

School transportation is a service offered by AIM through Grupo Senda, a bus transportation company recognized for its safety and professionalism. Services can be contracted from and to AIM Huasteca (through established stops) and to and from AIM Chipinque and the soccer fields. ​

Direct transportation to and from students' homes on all three campuses is also an available option.