Academics at AIM, form the central pillar of education at the school. Our goal is to create a rich and varied academic offering to our students with robust and effective curriculums. The academic provision is filled with opportunities for our students to share their talents and achievements, compete locally, nationally, and internationally, and take part in a myriad of exciting activities, such as Model United Nations simulations.

We have a number of specially-designed programmes to enhance the skills of our student body, including, MATHCOUNTS, a mathematics-focused programme, and our literacy programme, Destination Imagination. Our students in middle school and high school are encouraged to make a positive impact in their local community through the development of Authentic Products and Services.


Technology is one of the main foundations of our educational model. Students use technology to complete projects which demonstrate their learning, as well to connect with other students from around the world in a commitment to their roles as Global Citizens in a digitally-informed environment. Our innovative educational model fosters the use of technology for the creation of products and services, rather than utilising solely to consume information.


We are the Wildcats. At AIM, our teams are competitive, exercise sportsmanship and often reach semi-final and final positions in basketball and soccer tournaments. In track and field events, our students return from competitions with gold, silver, and bronze medals. Although our school sports teams achieve highly, the goal of our sports programme is for students to develop skills, enjoy teamwork, develop a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy socialising with their peers.


At AIM, the Fine Arts programme is a vital component of our students’ development. AIM has introduced the Kodaly Method to Mexico, providing young children with the foundation for a musically rich life. All students learn to play a string instrument, and those willing to go the extra mile may take special classes in violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, dance, and visual arts. Our art presentations and exhibits are “must see” activities that delight and inspire the entire school community.


Student wellness is our priority. When students are happy and develop their personal and academic skills in a safe and caring environment, their learning and confidence levels also soar. We aim to support our student’ social-emotional development, physical well-being, and the acquisition of universal values, which are of utmost importance. At AIM, we collaborate with parents to ensure this core aspect of their children’s development is fulfilled at all times, at home and at school.


Opportunities to appreciate and celebrate multiculturalism is embedded into our educational programmes. By developing awareness and understanding of different issues facing our world, our students learn to respect and celebrate the diversity of people, places, and customs in Mexico and around the world. Students also learn about the wealth of natural resources in the country, and in differing environments. As an international school, the benefits of global citizenship are integrated into our curriculum and is celebrated via events, including International Week and Mexico Lindo y Querido, both of which are organised by our international families.


Our Middle School and High School students develop into self-directed, self-motivated, and self- regulated learners. With our specially-designed, broad-base curriculum, AIM learners feel confident pursuing their dreams and talents through the development of Authentic Products and Services from the perspective of different academies and seek to contribute to, and improve, the world.

AIM International Programs

AIM International Programs

As part of our Global APS programme, educational and cultural trips are offered to Middle School and High School students. Each experience is aimed at supporting educational growth, while the opportunity to broaden their horizons helps students identify areas that might form the bases of their university course selections.