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When Virtual Learning is implemented at the American Institute of Monterrey, the following guidelines are in place. The intended outcome is that the curriculum is at the forefront of the work and, as far as possible, student progress should not be negatively impacted.

  • Classes take place ‘live’ as per the regular school timetable.
  • Work set will reflect the length of the lesson and wherever possible, reflect the regular curriculum objectives.
  • Teachers will call roll daily and will call home of those students absent or not completing assignments.
  • With the understanding that virtual learning is particularly complex with our 2, 3 and 4 year olds, both because of their short attention span and their need to be fully accompanied by a parent, we have developed alternatives to our program in these grade levels, with the objective of providing flexibility to parents and students in the program offered, the time invested and the price. There are three alternatives for our program:

    a. Complete Educational Program

    b. Essential Learning Program

    c. Deferred Educational Program

It is essential that students and parents are aware of and commit to the expectations for students in AIM’s Virtual School Environment.

Students are expected to be responsible and ethical learners at all times. 

  • To be open, flexible and prepared to learn in a Virtual School Environment.
  • To participate actively and contribute in a positive manner in the Virtual School Environment.
  • To dress appropriately for all Virtual School activities, in accordance to AIM´s dress code.
  • To attend classes punctually.
  • To follow the daily schedule for every class.
  • To keep in mind that all teachers are available online during class periods to offer feedback and guidance, and consult with them immediately if there is any doubt or question.
  • To consult the official academic platform regularly to receive indications or resources for class.
  • To commit to online learning practices through the official communication platform.
  • To complete all  daily class activities.
  • To submit your own finished assignments at the specified times.
  • To communicate to the teacher the reason for any incomplete assignment within the assigned time with a clear explanation.
  • To follow, at all times, expectations for behavior, work habits, and attitudes as prescribed by AIM in the school handbook.
  • To use technology in a responsible manner, at all times in all places, be it to communicate with teachers, fellow students or others.

Fine Arts  classes take place in real time with the corresponding teacher. However, given the nature of these classes, instruction via the technological platform will be based on giving individual directions for practice at home.

PE and after school sports classes take place in real time with the corresponding Coach. 

In order to support the learning of our students in the Virtual School Environment at AIM, we ask parents for their collaboration with the following:

  • Support the learning of their children in the Virtual School Environment at AIM.
  • Motivate their children to do their best effort.
  • Talk to their children about the responsibilities and expectations for students as they use the Virtual School Environment at AIM.
  • Be patient and flexible while students and teachers adapt to working within this new Virtual School Environment at AIM.
  • Provide your children with a quiet place to work independently at home (free from other distractions).
  • Check connectivity at home to ensure technical requirements are met.
  • Assure each day that your children are attending their live online classes.
  • Encourage your children to study independently and comply with all of the learning activities assigned to them.
  • Check at the end of each day if they have completed the tasks for the day and submitted their work appropriately.
  • Avoid parents participating in any of the online classes. Interactions are exclusive for students and teachers only.
  • Talk to your children about the expected learning they have achieved each day.
  • Communicate to the teacher any specific questions via email.
  • Inform the teacher if your children are unable to take online classes for any health reasons.
Testimonial Quote

Incredible response and effort to make this happen. Excellent coordination from the teachers, the team, and the kids! Congratulations AIM

Fabiola, Student's Mother
Testimonial Quote

Incredible effort and excellent first day of online school! Congratulations to all the teachers, coordinators, Systems personnel, directors and other staff involved in this success! #proudtobeaim

Cristy, Student's Mother
Testimonial Quote

Proud to be AIM!! Thank you very much for the great effort and total success on the first day of online classes!!

Mayra, Student's Mother
Testimonial Quote

Very happy with the great effort from the school and teachers. Proud to be AIM!

Rosy, Student's Mother