At AIM, we believe the world will continue to progress as we evolve as globally-minded, life-long learners that contribute to society and add value to the local and global community. Delivering excellence in education to our children is our priority. We aim to provide solutions to the new challenges that come along the way. Join us in an informative session where you can learn more about our school and our educational philosophy.

We have 3 premium schools in Monterrey that respond to student needs:​
AIM Chipinque: Pre-school to Grade 5​
AIM Valle: Pre-school to Grade 9​
AIM Huasteca: Grades 6 to 12

What to Expect

During our Informative session, our Admissions Team will explain all about our educational philosophy and guide you through a campus tour. These are small group sessions, where you have the opportunity to listen to other parent´s questions, concerns & doubts that can help you make one of the most importante decisions in your child´s life.

Time: 9:00

Duration: 1.5 hours

Days: Tuesday through Friday