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Teachers and Staff at AIM are recognized for their professionalism and degree of commitment to their students. Under i-PAL Systems®, AIM teachers receive training in the best practices for teaching and learning worldwide for 21st century students, through specially developed online courses, induction programs, professional development days held throughout the school year, mentoring by other teachers and guidance by their administrators. 

We invite you to join the elite group of teachers who are leading the way in Mexico towards the implementation of innovative teaching-learning assessment strategies, whether in academics, technology, fine arts, sports or student wellness. 

AIM is an equal opportunity employer and continually accepts general inquiries for open positions.


Our recruitment season generally is during the months of January until April for the following school year. However, at times during the year, job openings do open up, so we receive applications all year. 

To apply for a position at AIM please fill out the following application, attaching a cover letter and your curriculum vitae. Your CV should include more detailed information than that contained in your application, highlighting any special experiences and courses that qualify you. Please include links to any of your work that is posted online. 

Upon receiving your application you will receive a confirmation. If our recruitment committee feels that your qualifications meet the needs for an available position, we will contact you for an interview. Otherwise resumes will be kept on file for future reference.

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