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A message from our General Director

One of the most important decisions parents will make in their lifetime is choosing the school in which their children will attain the educational foundations and moral character needed to be successful and fulfilled in subsequent stages of life. 

At AIM we are committed to working together with parents to develop their children’s global potential through balanced, high quality educational programs, dedicated teachers and staff, and a safe and caring environment in which our students become happy, confident, inter-connected life-long learners, capable of achieving their dreams through hard work, perseverance and resilience. 

AIM is our students’ and parents’ extension of home. 

We welcome you to join our AIM family.

Elizabeth Wagner Huergo


Passion for Kindness, Innovation, Global Learning and Leadership to Serve with Excellence


Global competitiveness in the 21st century in support of evolving student needs, societal requirements, parental ideals and educational research