Fostering Creative, Innovative & Entrepreneurial Mindsets

The APS model (Authentic Products and Services) focuses on developing a wide range of 21st-century skills in our students in Grades 6 to 9 at AIM Valle Campus and from Grades 6 to 12 on the Huasteca Campus.

The APS course is centered around school-based projects that gradually grow in complexity from Grades 6 to 12. In Grade 7, students will have 'academies' as an additional subject - Technology & Engineering, Business & Management, Arts & Humanities, and Laboratory & Research - where they will contribute a service to the community to apply the skills acquired in the classroom. These academies offer students avenues to delve into real-life applications of their studies, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them. Other components of this model include the study of a third language and social integration through the House System.

By fostering global understanding, collaborative projects, and cultural immersion, the APS methodology provides our Middle and High School students with an exceptional education that extends beyond traditional borders.

Empowering Learners Through APS

The APS program provides children with inquiry-based learning opportunities, which lead to proficiency across academic subjects and well-rounded development. With the APS learning approach, Middle and High School students grow into autonomous, self-motivated, and self-regulated learners, prepared to tackle any challenges at school and beyond.

Moreover, we equip students to contribute to their local communities with the Authentic Products and Services developed during their education at AIM.

Benefits of the APS Model

In combination with our robust technology, fine arts, and sports curricula, the well-structured APS program ensures the holistic development of our students at AIM. The APS educational program includes all the essential learning outcomes expected of Middle and High School programs in Mexico and the United States.

The APS course content fosters global understanding via an in-depth study of global issues. Learners on the course partake in collaborative projects with students worldwide and are exposed to multiple opportunities to immerse themselves in another culture.

Moreover, students benefit from an educational experience that advocates responsible behavior with pastoral mentoring, university guidance, and an exceptional college and career counseling program. Additionally, internships with specialists from the private sector and non-profit associations are integrated into our program. This ensures students are well-prepared for a future of meaningful contributions and successful endeavors.

make your mark aps

Make Your Mark

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college guidance aps

Exceptional National & International College Guidance

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knowledge application aps

Real-Life Knowledge Application

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The APS Curriculum

Our trans-disciplinary APS course is designed to cultivate proficiency in English and Spanish, while also offering the opportunity to master a third language – French or German.

Our students' interests and opinions will inform their choice of subjects at the final stages of the course. The input from APS learners is valued and integrated into the educational program as well as into various aspects of life in the APS community. For our High School students, the Career Life Education course may be taken as an additional subject to help with college preparation and life after Grade 12.

At APS, learning transcends the classroom, leading to the creation of products and services through inquiry or design, driven by mastering different academic subjects. Our academies provide students with opportunities to explore practical applications of their studies, cultivating a more profound understanding of their surroundings.

Our Four Academies

APS exposes students to real-life applications of their studies, enabling them to gain, understand, and deepen their knowledge and skills in the following academies:

engineering aps

Engineering & Technology

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lab and research aps

Laboratory & Research

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arts humanities aps

Arts & Humanities

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business management aps

Business & Management

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