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Parents’ Association

The American Institute prides itself with the quality of parents that form its community.

The Parents’ Association is very active in school life, supporting educational efforts for our students, as well as organizing activities that promote unity among the AIM community.

Guiding Statements


AIM Parents, united and working for a better school and community.


Strengthen the relationship between Parents and AIM to support a balanced education for our children and family unity; pursue greater integration between parents and families through events.


Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship and Caring.

Code of Ethics

Avoid conflict of interests
Impact positively in our community, school and family
Develop virtuous cycles of a values-laden environment
There are no ranks, everyone is important
There are no activities of greater or lesser value
All actions are always done in good faith
Exert positive leadership


  • To be an efficient means of communication between the AIM and Parents
  • To contribute to the balanced education of our children and integration of AIM families
  • To promote a healthy coexistence and enthusiasm between the AIM, Parents and Children
  • To emphasize the Values promoted by the AIM
  • To follow the Code of Ethics, Code of Responsible Behavior and Conduct
  • To be observant, recognize and act upon changes in our social environment


The Parents’ Association is organized into many different committees, among them the Executive Committee, the Values Committee, Mother Classroom Coordinators, Sports Coordinators, Fine Arts Committee, Social Committee, Technology Committee, Scholarship Committee and Committee of Parent Association Ex-Presidents. In addition, helping hands are always needed and requested in the undertaking of school-wide activities

International Families

AIM is proud of its international families. With over 25 different nationalities represented, this active group of parents, many of which do not speak English and/or Spanish, plan activities and events inside and outside the AIM to spread and reinforce the importance of multiculturalism in the 21st century.

Guiding Statements

To unite to support each other and enrich the educational experience of international children and AIM students in general


  • To support International Week through presentations and exhibits about our countries and by participating in the international parade
  • To enrich the educational experience of our children by donating books to the library in their mother tongue, celebrating national days on each campus, etc.
  • To share our cultures in activities organized by the Parents’ Association and AIM
  • To support and enhance the experience of living in Monterrey for our families

Alumni Association

The quality of a school is evidenced by its alumni. At AIM we are very proud of how well our students have represented us after they graduate and go on to further their education and then into their professional and family lives. The Alumni Association is constituted to support ex-AIM students and maintain ties among generations and with the school.

Guiding Statements

The mission of the Alumni Association is to be an asset for each of its members.


  • Be relevant and supportive
  • Maintain contact in the most relevant stages in the lives of its members
  • Contribute and add value to its members
  • Use technology to communicate with its members and to provide contact among the network of alumni
  • Be valued as a lifelong asset, to be nurtured and taken care of

AIM Student Life Stages

The Association focuses its activities to support alumni in five different life-stages in the lives of AIM students:

  1. AIM student-life, where foundations are laid
  2. Skill Development and preparation for university life
  3. University studies
  4. Entering the workforce or selecting post-graduate studies
  5. Development as an entrepreneur or obtaining good professional positioning

Strategic Plans

  • Maintain contact with alumni through their integration into an alumni-relationship management system
  • Promote communication among alumni through social media
  • Develop fundraising campaigns to support students and alumni
  • Organize Summer job fairs
  • Coordinate conferences that add value personally and professionally
  • Establish an Ex-AIM business directory
  • Organize Ex-AIM job fairs
  • Provide life-coaching
  • Highlight the educational and professional experiences of alumni


The Ex-AIM Association is led by the Executive Committee and its supporting staff. It is represented by members of the different graduating classes.