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Privacy Policy

The AIM Servicios Educativos, S.A. de C.V. (hereafter named ” AIM “) is responsible for the treatment of your personal information. AIM has several addresses: 

1.Perseverancia #100, Col. Balcones del Valle, San Pedro Garza García, N.L.
2. La República #300, Col. La Aurora, Santa Catarina, N.L.
3.Humberto Junco Voigt #2305, Col. Valle Oriente, San Pedro Garza García, N.L. 

Any contact may be had at the following e-mail address:

Protection of Information

AIM maintains strict protection mechanisms to guarantee the security, integrity, privacy and confidentiality of the information collected.

Treatment and Purposes

The personal information collected will be used, among other things, for the following principal uses:

  1. The inscription, evaluation and education students;
  2. Communication of academic and extracurricular performance of your children;
  3. Provision of all services and activities necessary for your children’s balanced education;
  4. Contact and sending of educational and administrative information;
  5. Development of weekly, monthly and yearly internal reports;
  6. Maintainance of updated the student database;
  7. Validation and accreditation of your children’s studies in Mexico and internationally, and completion of the necessary paperwork required by the corresponding educational authorities;
  8. Establishment of a medical file on medicines and other medical/health conditions your children may have in order to follow through as needed, as well as to determine their physical state for participation in athletic or other extra-curricular activities;
  9. Registry of your children in a mandatory accident insurance policy;
  10. Provision of home-school-home bus transportation;
  11. Registry of your children in athletic and academic events, educational trips, cafeteria services and/or press services (including advertising through social media);
  12. Inclusion of your children in the school yearbooks;
  13. Participation in the Parents Association of the American Institute of Monterrey and/or the Alumni Association of the American Institute of Monterrey.

If you do not indicate otherwise, AIM may treat your information for the following secondary purposes: contact you and invite you to participate in fundraising activities; to send electronic and physical communication and advertising with marketing and telemarketing purposes; as well as to invite you to participate in surveys, events,market studies and contests. Similarly, if you do not indicate otherwise, AIM may treat students information with respect to their image (photograph, video or other similar media) for secondary purposes as decided by AIM. Specifically for internal and external publications about the personal and academic history of the students, their participation in school events as well as to promote AIM.

You may revoke your consent by communicating to the AIM Department of Personal Information at the following email address:

Personal Information

For effects of this privacy notice, AIM collects personal information through different forms: when you directly provide it in the admission, registration and inscription forms, in the AIM webpage section “My Family Information” ( and through other means permitted by Mexican law.

AIM, as part of its registry of students, parents, tutors and legal guardians associated with the school, may treat their information such as: complete name, place and date of birth, address, marital status, email account, home phone and cell phone, occupation, academic, behavioral, psychological and medical history. The paperwork requested for student admission includes much of this data.

Similarly, should you or your children attend external events and tournaments where you may be photographed or videoed by external media, you are aware that by participating in the event they may record your and your children’s personal image and make use of it. AIM will not be held responsible for personal data that external persons may collect and treat about you or minors present in these events.

Financial, Net Worth and Sensitive Personal Information

AIM informs, in order to comply with the purposes of this Privacy Notice, that student personal, sensitive information will be collected and treated, such as those related to their medical, psychological, academic and behavioral history, among others, which will be collected through AIM admissions paperwork and other means.

Simlarly parent or legal guardian sensitive information may be treated such as that related to medical history, work refrences, financial and net worth information, among others, which will be requested through the Identification Form and Scholarship Application, when the latter is requested.


Cookies are files that are automatically downloaded and stored in the user’s electronic equipment while navigating on an internet page, which allow the server to remember some of the user’s information, such viewer preferences, name and password.

These cookies and other technologies may be deactivated. To read about the process to follow in deactivating this option, consult your navigator page (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc).

Method and process for exercising ARCO Rights and revocating consent

You may exercise any of the rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose (in the future refered to as “ARCO Rights”) as well as revoke your consent for the treatment of your personal information by communicating with the AIM Department of Personal Information at the following email account: AIM’s custody and details of its treatment, as well as to correct them in case they are incorrect and/or issue instructions for cancellation if you consider them to be excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified their procurement. You may also object to he treatment of your information for specific purposes. Finally, you may revoke the consent given to AIM for the treatment of your personal information, with the object of discontinuing its use.

In order to exercise of these rights, you must present a written request to the AIM Department of Personal Information AIM can call to deliver an answer to your request. Likewise, it must contain a clear and precise description of the personal information for which you wish to exercise any of the rights listed above, and any other element that will facilitate locating your personal information.

In the case in which the information presented on the request is mistaken or insufficient, or if the proper identification documents are not accompanied, the AIM Department of Personal Information may require you to provide said information within 5 working days since the reception of your request, in order to process it. You will have 10 working days to follow through with such requirement once you have received it. If you do not respond in due time, the request will be classified as not presented.

The maximum time period in which you will receive an answer to your request will be 20 working days, starting from the date in which the the request was received in complete and correct fashion. You will be informed of its legitimacy at the telephone number or electronic mail account you provided, and it will take effect within 15 working days after you have received an answer.

Limitation and/or disclosure of your personal information

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by sending a request to the AIM Department of Personal Information at the following email:

If your request is deemed legitimate, the AIM Department of Personal Information will register it in the exclusion list for the purpose for which the exclusion is applicable.


AIM does not share your or your children’s names, telephone numbers or email accounts with other AIM parents whose children are classmates, members of the same generation, sports team, fine arts academy, etc. with your children.

AIM does not share parent, student or legal guardian personal sensitive information with any external organization, only with suppliers of authorized services of the school, such as standardized testing, bus transportation, cafeteria, medical, psychological, academic support, athletic and educational activities, field trips and educational trips, press services (including advertising through social media), inclusion in yearbooks, participation in the Parents Association of the American Institute of Monterrey, participation in the Alumni Association of the American Institute of Monterrey, among others, as needed.

Parents must express their consent before AIM shares their children’s report with any other educational institution in the case of their transfer to another school.

AIM will transfer the necessary information to an insurance company in order to comply with the primary purpose of providing obligatory accident insurance to all AIM students. Therefore, this transference is exceptioned by article 37, fraction VII of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Private Parties, so that consent is not required in this case.

In all other cases, AIM in order to comply with the purposes mentioned previously or other purposes required legally or by competent authorities, will transfer only the necessary information in accordance with legal provisions.

Changes in the privacy notice

AIM reserves the right to change or update this privacy notice, in response to legislative additions, new jurisprudence, internal policies, or new requirements in the servicing of its products and practices to the market.

These modifications will be published on the school’s webpage and in the AIM Department of Personal Information located at Perseverancia #100, Col. Balcones del Valle, San Pedro Garza García, N.L. C.P. 66220.